May 5, 2014

Greetings from the Netherland

In a moment i feel little bit boring with making a card . That mean i have to look something is nice to do. Im also painting and crafting with another way. Something im doing with sewing too but not very serious. Just a hobby when i need a summer clothes. Yay !

I have a blog in HERE  , but since December 2013 it getting no update from me. I hope as soon as possible i could to making some cards again. Pffff , really a challenge for me with a cardmakers.
And for these Blog, its will be same about me but i have to making apart between Art and Making card to posted. So i can escape to this blog when im bored in another blog. Lol

Anyway, im a beginner in mixed media or art journal's and i want to be learn as well. Many tutorial i had following in Youtube or Pinterest and its soooooooo nice to keep learning. Although im always using a motto ( or slogan ? ) 

- Learning by doing
- Trial and Error

And the second one is me !!! Always error in my process . Its oke that mean im in the first one : Learning by doing.
The important things for me i could be free and all out about my expression in my project. No rules.

Attention : Nothing is perfect in my art and just i do what i wanna do. Please give me a nice comment and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me . It would be nice if we could to share everything in our crafting.

Greetings from the Netherland !!!

Love DJ

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